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Tucano is the first leading Egyptian company in the field of initial Consultations to determine obstacle limitation surface

mobile towers

Electricity networks

Petroleum drilling

national projects

new cities

Feasibility studies for aviation activities

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Tucano work closely with it's clients to achieve their visions, plan their operations and support them efficiently as they drive value creation.

Tucano aims to effectively contribute to providing primary consulting services to all civil companies inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt working in the fields of constructing towers and power lines, oil exploration with drilling rigs, mobile towers, national projects, new cities, airports, housing and construction, by a group of experts from the best consultants to determine the obstacle limitation surface and permitted paths It does not affect the security and safety of the airports, in addition to the nomination of the best places and alternative paths according to the nature of the land and its levels in the event of conflict with the airports, in order to achieve the maximum benefit for the implementing agency and to save time and economic feasibility of the project for the purpose for which it was established. 

Tucano Features ​


Tucano uses advanced resource management systems to secure projects from obstacle limitation surface, protect you from the risk of getting into trouble, and provide efficient, cost- and time-efficient services. 

Deep understanding of cultures and market trends in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Middle East and the Arab region.

Being a highly experienced consulting company, Tucano is fully aware of the progress that the country is witnessing in the current period from comprehensive development of infrastructure, construction of new roads and hubs, cities and airports, construction of electricity towers and good coverage of mobile networks so TUCANO  has the ability to provide a specialized consulting team to advise clients before Starting the construction of projects to provide initial consultations to determine the permissible height restrictions. 

national projects 

Tucano has a group of experts who have the full ability to carry out all national projects consultations without conflicting with the air easement. 

Why Tucano

Tucano work team and determining the permissible height restrictions

The possibility of authorizing Tucano to deal with all civil and military state bodies and the Civil Aviation Authority to obtain all obstacle limitation surface permits for projects after reviewing them by the TUCANO work team and determining the permissible height restrictions and alternative places and presenting them to your company before applying to the concerned authorities in the country to reduce the time and risks of repeating studies again if rejected.

Preparing economic and technical

Preparing economic and technical feasibility studies for aviation activities.

We know the importance of your time

We know the importance of your time, so we will save you a lot of time if you don’t know how correct the feasibility study for your project is in terms of determining height constraints. 

Consult Tucano and save your time.

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